Trip to Chanzige October 2016

On October 16th Caroline and Phil set off to Tanzania. The flight was uneventful, apart from the cost of three gin and tonics at our stop over in Istanbul, £39!! 

We were met by George and Madadia at 3am at Dar es Salaam airport, the early hour did not dampen any of our spirits, only made us all the more excited to be there.

Working with another charity 'Legs for Africa' we are working towards getting one of the teachers at Chanzige a prosthetic leg. John lost his leg as a result of a long battle with an infection. A prosthetic would change his life.  This involved a trip to a hospital in Dar es Salaam. Those of you that think we have a problem in the UK with our amazing free NHS please think again, we really are tremendously lucky. The ball has started rolling and we hope that lovely John will have a new leg in a few weeks!

7/28 Project

Whilst at Chanzige this year we introduced a new project for the girls only. We took resources with us that enabled us to show the girls how to make their own, washable sanitary towels. Currently the girls have no access to any sanitary protection and spend up to a week each month at home whilst they have their period. It was very humbling to see the enthusiasm and excitement that was created by this project. 


The most important thing to check out, first thing the next morning was the newly renovated community center. The Judy James Community Center. It is conspicuous by its beautifully plastered walls and it's doors and windows. It is better than we could have ever hoped for and as an added bonus we could not go inside as it was being used by 'Feed the Children' for a training event. This is exactly the sort activity we hoped to promote. 

Getting into the classrooms is the thing we enjoyed most, as always the children were excited to see us and the welcome we received was colourful and tuneful!

On the afternoon of our first day we were treated to a celebratory lunch. The lunch was in honor of the fact that Champion Chanzige has now taken the neighboring school under its wing. This doubles the amount of children that CC hope to make a difference to. 

A highlight of our visit was the two days that sixth form students from Imberhorne secondary school were invited into the school.

Polydron, a UK based, educational resource supplier had donated over £500 worth of their fabulous maths equipment.

The Imberhorne students were tasked with planning and delivering lessons, across the school, from Standard 1 to Standard 7. In some classes there were over 70 children!

This did not phase the students at all and they worked together to deliver interesting and creative lessons. Click on the pictures on the left to see the full slide show.

Looking ahead, we have plans to renovate an unused classroom and turn it into a library. The children want to create a garden for growing vegetables and a tree nursery and within the next few weeks we have arranged for some artists to visit the school and complete an art project with the children. 

We are already thinking about our visit next year, we will be travelling out in September and spending approximately ten days away. If you fancy an adventure, an experience you would never get from any travel company and you want to see what we have achieved first hand please get in touch ASAP to be considered for the September trip.