Champion Chanzige is a small charity, founded in 2013, supporting primary schools in Southern Tanzania.

Schools in Tanzania are woefully under resourced, class sizes often exceed sixty children and basic resources like pens and paper are scarce. Often there is no electricity in the schools, and countless numbers have no drinking water available to the students. All these hardships make it very difficult for the dedicated teachers to deliver a meaningful curriculum.

Despite all this, the children that attend these schools are amongst the happiest children you are ever likely to meet. They consider an education a privilege and study with dedication and enthusiasm.

Champion Chanzige strives to make small sustainable changes to the educational environment of these inspirational young people by providing resources, renovating buildings and delivering a range of ecological workshops that teach the students skills as well as creating an additional income for the schools.

The charity was founded by Philippa Jacobs after she visited Chanzige Primary school. It is run by a board of volunteer trustees and draws support from schools and community groups across Sussex and Surrey.

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In October 2013 I visited Chanzige A Primary School in Southern Tanzania. Many schools in Tanzania are horrendously under resourced... They have no electricity and basic resources are extremely limited, making it an enormous struggle to deliver the required curriculum.
Despite these hardships the students that attend these schools are amongst the most dedicated, motivated and happiest I have ever met
— Phil