In October 2015, 12 people made the trip to Chanzige and spent 10 days there.

A member of the group of a 16 year old student who had aspirations to attend Brit School. He needed to produce a piece of work to impress at his interview.

Brandon Jenkins produced this documentary about the charity, I think you will agree it is an astonishingly proffessional film, one that I am very proud to be able to post on this website.


Another member of the group, a primary school teacher - Andy Dobson, took lots of video footage. On his return to the UK he used this footage to produce a film with his year fives and sixes. The final 45min film made observations about the difference in culture and in education between the two schools, raising awareness among the children in the UK.

 Below is a link to a much edited version that gives you a glimpse of what life and education in a Tanzanian school is like.