New Classrooms for Chanzige B

Chanzige B has not been under the wing of Champion Chanzige for very long and had yet to benefit from any major renovations. It was decided during the October visit that there were three classrooms that urgently needed renovating. Fundraising began in earnest for this project and CC were also lucking enough to win a £5000 grant from the organisation  Meeting Needs. Prior to Christmas the sale of candles and reed diffusers produced a good income and by the middle of December there was sufficient money for the work to begin. I think you will agree that the transformation is extraordinary. 

Bees at Chanzige!

Working with partners Plan International we have begun a project to keep bees near the school. We have sent a member of staff from Chanzige B on an intensive bee keeping course and Plan International have donated all the equipment, including ten hives. It is hoped that, if the project is a success, the honey can be sold and reinvested in much needed resources for the schools.

Crazy Busy October!

During October both Chanzige schools in Tanzania have been busy with visitors from the UK. A group of eight adults, lead by artist Sarah Pimenta went out to Chanzige to run a screen printing workshop. Children from a number of schools attended the workshops and there was also a teacher training day. It is hoped that the students and teachers that attended will pass their new skills on to others and many people will benefit by using this skill to create some income of their own. 

Whilst the visitors were there the new library was officialy  opened by a local minister, he was also very interested in the art project that was underway.

Slightly later in the month the schools were visited by 6th Form students from Imberhorne School. The UK travelers taught classes within the school for two days, everybody involved benefited and it is hoped that a different group of students will do a similar thing next year.

Renovations Complete!

Very pleased to be able to announce that the refurbishment of the library is complete. We are sure you will agree that they have done a fabulous job! 

Work has Started

We are happy to announce that work has started on renovating a classroom to create a new library for Chanzige A and Chanzige B primary schools and for Chanzige Secondary school. Watch this space to see the transformation! Thank you lovely people for your generous donations.

Quiz Night

In February we hosted one of our now traditional Quiz Night Fundraisers  

What an amazing turn out!

What an amazing turn out!

We managed to raise an amazing £1,775.00 plus one AK47 five pound note that apparently is worth more than £5!!
A big thank you so much Richard, Caroline, Helen, Will, Rosie, Bruce, Mathilde,Cecilia and Elaine, it would have been an impossible task without your help.

Your Donations Really Make a Difference!

When we decided to renovate the community centre it was the biggest project we had taken on thus far. The difference, a usable facility within this community could make, was obvious. The task of raising £12,000 to complete the job was quite daunting but your generosity has left us speechless. The pictures speak for themselves. Thank you!

FROM THIS..........

TO THIS......................................

TO THIS......................................

Kolter Family you are AMAZING!

The entire Kolter family, Annabel, Giles, Lucy and Grace undertook a mammoth family challenge in aid of Champion Chanzige. Annabel ran the Brighton marathon whilst her husband and children undertook an incredible swimathon. Between them all they managed to raise over £1000 for Champion Chanzige. We are so grateful, such a huge amount of money will make such a difference. Thank you all so much for the gargantuan effort that you all put in.  

Avengers Fans Raise Over £600!

Thank you so much Hidden Tiger books for your fantastic fundraising efforts. The charity publication of Avergerworld, Two Against the Underworld, Requiem for Sherlock, was published in March. All the contributors to the book agreed that it should be a charity publication and chose Champion Chanzige as their charity. The book has raised over £600 and has enabled us to buy and install a rainwater harvesting system to the newly renovated community centre. Thank you so much Avengers fans.