Renovations Complete!

Very pleased to be able to announce that the refurbishment of the library is complete. We are sure you will agree that they have done a fabulous job! 

Work has Started

We are happy to announce that work has started on renovating a classroom to create a new library for Chanzige A and Chanzige B primary schools and for Chanzige Secondary school. Watch this space to see the transformation! Thank you lovely people for your generous donations.

Quiz Night

In February we hosted one of our now traditional Quiz Night Fundraisers  

What an amazing turn out!

What an amazing turn out!

We managed to raise an amazing £1,775.00 plus one AK47 five pound note that apparently is worth more than £5!!
A big thank you so much Richard, Caroline, Helen, Will, Rosie, Bruce, Mathilde,Cecilia and Elaine, it would have been an impossible task without your help.

Your Donations Really Make a Difference!

When we decided to renovate the community centre it was the biggest project we had taken on thus far. The difference, a usable facility within this community could make, was obvious. The task of raising £12,000 to complete the job was quite daunting but your generosity has left us speechless. The pictures speak for themselves. Thank you!

FROM THIS..........

TO THIS......................................

TO THIS......................................

Kolter Family you are AMAZING!

The entire Kolter family, Annabel, Giles, Lucy and Grace undertook a mammoth family challenge in aid of Champion Chanzige. Annabel ran the Brighton marathon whilst her husband and children undertook an incredible swimathon. Between them all they managed to raise over £1000 for Champion Chanzige. We are so grateful, such a huge amount of money will make such a difference. Thank you all so much for the gargantuan effort that you all put in.  

Avengers Fans Raise Over £600!

Thank you so much Hidden Tiger books for your fantastic fundraising efforts. The charity publication of Avergerworld, Two Against the Underworld, Requiem for Sherlock, was published in March. All the contributors to the book agreed that it should be a charity publication and chose Champion Chanzige as their charity. The book has raised over £600 and has enabled us to buy and install a rainwater harvesting system to the newly renovated community centre. Thank you so much Avengers fans.

November and December - All about Candles!

Having returned from Tanzania with a newly energized enthusiasm, trustees Holly Cadogan and Caroline Simons and Carolines lovely daughter Stephanie set about making Christmas Candles. The candles have been a great success, making approximately £2500 for the charity. They are fun to make and have the most wonderful scent, they make a great gift and compared to some designer candles are a fraction of the cost at only £5 each. If you would like to know more about our candles please email us, we are happy to post them out.

October 2015 - Fantastically Successful Trip!

At the end of October a group of twelve individuals set off to visit Chanzige Primary School. The group was made up of charity trustees, school teachers, learning support assistants and a few other interested and willing volunteers. 

The individuals were hosted by local families and spent most of the trip helping to renovate a couple of classrooms or working with the pupils to produce a film to raise awareness in the UK.

This was a " first" for Champion Chanzige and although the trip did present a few challenges, lessons were learnt and a great deal of fun was had by everyone involved.


What a fantastic Bingo Night!!

Well what a fantastic night we had at the ladies bingo yesterday evening! Richard and Simon did a fantastic job calling the numbers and Ricky & Scott sold plenty of wine to get the ladies riled up and ready for a fun night!! 

The bingo tickets, raffle and sales at the bar along with an unexpected auction for a boiler service combined made for a brilliant result of £1000 raised for the charity community centre.

Thank you so much to Kelly & Helen for organising the night, and to all the lovely ladies who attended and donated to make it a success!

We look forward to the next.

Ladies Charity Bingo Night

Tonight is the Ladies Charity Bingo night at Turners Hill Primary School from 7pm. Tickets are £10 per person which includes bingo games, a pen, cheese and biscuits and a free drink.  100% of the profits are being donated to the charity to help build the much needed community centre!

To book your tickets please call the school direct on 01342 715412 or you can pay on the door but would be an idea to let us know your attending.

We look forward to seeing you there and appreciate your continued support.

Junior Trustees!

We are delighted to announce that Emma Harding and Elodie Ansell are to be Champion Chanzige Junior Trustees. Anyone who has attended one of our fundraisers will recognise these two and know that their raffle ticket selling skills are to be applauded!!

Emma and Elodie will be continuing in their grandmothers footsteps by supporting Champion Chanzige. Their beautiful grandmother was our friend and trustee Judy James.

We hope the girls will offer a " younger" perspective on fundraising and will communicate with the Champion Chanzige Junior Committee in Tanzania.

They are happy, intelligent young people who will bring a lot to this small charity.