Crazy Busy October!

During October both Chanzige schools in Tanzania have been busy with visitors from the UK. A group of eight adults, lead by artist Sarah Pimenta went out to Chanzige to run a screen printing workshop. Children from a number of schools attended the workshops and there was also a teacher training day. It is hoped that the students and teachers that attended will pass their new skills on to others and many people will benefit by using this skill to create some income of their own. 

Whilst the visitors were there the new library was officialy  opened by a local minister, he was also very interested in the art project that was underway.

Slightly later in the month the schools were visited by 6th Form students from Imberhorne School. The UK travelers taught classes within the school for two days, everybody involved benefited and it is hoped that a different group of students will do a similar thing next year.